How and why the MyoKinesthetic System Work?

If we have a fall, pull a muscle, or lift something incorrectly, something interesting happens to our body. As a muscle on one side of our body tightens or shortens, the brain relays a message to a muscle on the opposite side of our body to lengthen in an effort to compensate.

The brain now tells other muscles where to go in relation to these muscles so we can stand as straight as possible... with the most range of motion in each joint possible ... with the least amount of pain.

With the MyoKinesthetic System, we seek to find the cause of a problem and clear it so that all of the compensatory reactions will clear away as well. At no time do we manipulate or "pop" bones as in Chiropractic; instead, we work directly on the muscles.

We stimulate each muscle along one nerve pathway using deep, light, or cross-friction. We can treat the origin, insertion, or belly of the muscle, or all three. This technique works because the stimulated nerve endings within the muscles will send a signal to the brain saying, "There's a change happening here."

The brain receives this information and makes the necessary changes – thus clearing the cause and the many compensatory adjustments. We've used "muscle memory" to our advantage, resulting in: better balance, greater range of motion, and a lasting decrease in pain.

The MyoKinesthetic System is unique and revolutionary; there is simply nothing else like it. It is the result of more than 15 years of hands-on research and development.

The difference is in the treatment and the muscles we treat together to clear the entire peripheral nervous system pathway. By focusing on the nervous system while working on the muscular system, The MyoKinesthetic System:

  • Alleviates pain
  • Restores movement and function
  • Improves posture

But the real beauty of the MyoKinesthetic System is that it works quickly and results can be experienced almost immediately in just one session.

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Experience immediate results within your first visit.
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